"I would have no hesitation in recommending Moore Law LLC, and in fact, I have and I will continue to do so. My personal experience has been the absolute best. Attorney Wyatt Cummings Moore, along with her dedicated staff, supported me throughout my entire legal experience. Their team exceeded my expectations and I can't thank them enough." — Former client

"You are a dedicated spirit who works to make 'the system' better serve us all." — Former client

"'You get the knowledge that you pay for. Paying for Attorney Wyatt Cummings Moore's knowledge, judicial wisdom and uncanny discernment is money well spent. Her strategy is simple. Build a formidable triangulation that does not give an inch. That's her team.

Attorney Wyatt Cummings Moore takes on your case, empowers you with the truth and encourages you to remember that within the judicial system, 'Things are not always as they seem.' Therefore, endure as she endures, because she's fighting for you to the very end. She is a Titan. All she needs is to believe in your innocence. And the battle begins." - Former client