Working with an experienced divorce attorney can be instrumental in helping you find the best resolution during your divorce. At the law office of Moore Law LLC, we understand the complex nature of divorce and know what steps to take to help you every step of the way.

Our founding attorney, Judge Wyatt Cummings Moore, helped create family law guidelines in Fulton County and serves on the Fulton County Family Division Task Force. Her family law experience and understanding of the local family law system make her a clear choice for individuals or parents going through divorce throughout metro Atlanta.

Dedicated Service From Experienced Attorneys

Do not make the mistake of trying to handle your divorce on your own. There are specific filing and discovery requirements that can affect the outcome of your divorce and even your ability to modify agreements in the future. Our lawyers can help you through this process, ensuring everything is handled correctly and all of your concerns are addressed.

The attorneys at our law firm can help you with many different aspects of your divorce, including:

  • Filing for divorce
  • Negotiating a separation agreement
  • Seeking modifications
  • Negotiating child custody and visitation agreements
  • Explaining child support guidelines and what to expect

Family law issues can affect your entire family now and in the future. We understand how difficult divorce is, which is why we provide compassionate advice while advocating for your best interests.

What To Do During A Dispute

If you are involved in a dispute, it is important to keep a log of activities and excellent records to uphold your claims during your divorce. These documents can be used as evidence in your case and can help resolve the dispute in your favor.

Helping You Every Step Of The Way

We have expansive knowledge of the divorce process in Fulton County and other metro Atlanta counties. Let us help you resolve your divorce so you can focus on your future. Call us at 404-436-6363 or contact us online to get started.